After many months of preparation, the big day has finally come: you are going to stole the highly valuable treasures exposed in the Madame Ludumé museum!

Sadly, they have increased the security on the museum and they have a bunch of guards patrolling the area during all night. You'll have to be sneaky and avoid them while you try to get all the treasures you can, but be careful, carrying many treasures at once can make you have a hard time trying to escape from the guards!


Objective: Pick as many tresures as you can and bring them to the starting zone to obtain your reward. Avoid security guards and try to get the highest score before running out of time.

- Each object has a value and a weight. Carrying heavy items will decrease your movement speed.
- If the guards see you, they will start chasing you. Try to get rid of them using the corners or throwing items to run faster.
- You have to bring stolen treasures to the starting area in order to obtain the score.


AWSD - Movement
SPACE   - Pick Object
1 to 9 number keys - Throw the item in this inventory's slot

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